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On the night of February 14, 1995 New Ulm’s “Doughboy” statue of a World War 1 infantryman in the City Cemetery was vandalized.  A committee to repair it was quickly formed by the Legion
and other veterans groups, bankers, and civic leaders.  The completely repaired statue was rededicated on October 9.  See dedication brochure here.
In the photo far left:  Walt Seligmann.  Top row L – R:  Lou Geistfeld, Terry Dempsey, Wally Bloedel, Joel Albrecht, Bert Schapekahm, Bruce Fenske.  First row L – R:  Paul Wojahn, Don Jorgenson, Herb Fromm, Gail Blomquist.
EDITOR:  George L. Glotzbach
CREDITS:  Brown County Veterans Service Office